Went “Dumpster Diving” For Freelance Work. Here’s What I Learned…

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Here’s a snippet of my first ever LinkedIn article, where I discuss “virtual dumpster diving” in search of freelance work. Funny story: Right after I uploaded the article (we’re talking minutes…), I heard back from a company I’d written in the past. Crazy…


What do I mean by “dumpster diving?”

Well, I’m currently on the lookout for new freelance work, and I decided to take a different approach.

Over the past couple of days, I reached to former clients, employers, and even persons who’d rejected my applications in the past. I even hit up my first official freelance client. I may not get any new freelance job opportunities this way. In fact, I’ve already gotten a few responses using more traditional methods, so any offerings might not even be necessary.

What was REALLY important to me (and why I was determined to go through more than four years worth of emails) was that what I stood to gain from the activity: A valuable learning experience.

I Learned That I Can Be Obnoxiously Condescending

Do you know what it’s like to cringe from your soul? I didn’t either before rereading some of those cover letters and emails. Wow. Now to my credit, most of my attempts to reach out to would-be employers sounded okay. Normal. Enthusiastic. Friendly.

However, I did note that there were times when I wasn’t always sincere. Sometimes I tried too hard. Other times…I didn’t try hard enough. And when I didn’t try hard enough, I found that there was a tone that practically communicated my subconscious lack of interest in anything other than a paycheck.

I’m not very proud of this and having examined that approach in retrospect; you can bet this something I won’t be doing going forward.




QUESTION: Have you ever gone looking through your old emails and rejected applications? What did YOU learn?

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