The “Perfect” Time To Start A Blog…How About Never?

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I’d like to introduce you all to a thought that often pops up in my brain these days. Some day it arrives first thing in the morning. Other times, the niggling thought shows up before I can take that first bite of lunch. Perhaps you’ve had it yourself:

“Why did I wait so long to start my blog?”

Regret is annoying as hell. Nobody can change the past, and sitting around feeling bad about things you didn’t do quick enough is a waste of time. It’s too bad guilt trips often defy logic. That’s why people will inevitably find themselves groaning in agony at one point or another over what they could have or should have done.

In my case, it’s knowing that Defend The Pen should have been up and running MONTHS ago. Perhaps by now, I could even be generating all the income I see every other blogger bragging about on social media. So many shiny gold coins…

When I regret waiting to launch my blog.

A completely accurate inaccurate depiction of my mental state…

It’s been a crazy ride getting Defend the Pen up and running. I’m really proud of myself, yet ever so often, I get the “shoulda coulda woulda” blues. These days when that uninvited guest shows up, I take a deep breath and force myself to acknowledge an indisputable fact:

There’s no proof I didn’t start my blog at exactly the right time for me!

That’s usually enough to stop that nagging mental intruder right in its tracks. Feel free to use that mental trick yourself the next time a wave of “why did I wait?” hits. And will you do me a favor? Try to give yourself credit for taking the steps necessary to accomplish your goals. We often get so caught up in regretting the past, we forget to look kindly back on what we achieved in that same window of time!

there's no such thing as the perfect time

Notice I didn’t describe the decision to finally launch this blog as happening at “the perfect time.” Instead, I referred to it as potentially happening at “exactly the right time.” I really don’t believe that a “perfect time” actually exists. The closest thing we’ll ever get to it is a completely biased perception given to us via 20/20 hindsight.

Time isn’t perfect; it’s just time.

I was waiting for a “perfect” time to launch Defend The Pen.  But the reality is that such conditions would NEVER materialize because there will NEVER be a perfect time to do anything!

mind blown

My thoughts exactly, Young Keanu Reeves!

As wonderful as this epiphany was, it was really only half my problem. I also slowed down my progress by coming up with a bunch of silly excuses as to why I couldn’t launch Defend The Pen right away:

  • I told myself I needed an expensive, custom website (Not true!)
  • I told myself I needed pricey web hosting (Not true, too!)
  • I was unsure anyone would care what I had to say (Also not true!)
  • I wasn’t sure how I’d manage a blog and related social media accounts (Ditto!)
  • I didn’t think I’d ever find the time to make it happen (See a pattern here?)

I placed a bunch of mental blocks in the way, telling myself that I needed to satisfy ALL of these conditions to get my blog off the ground. I imagined it would cost many months and hundreds of dollars.

I couldn’t have been more wrong.


Dilemma #1 – Web hosting

Everyone has different needs when it comes to website hosting. I’d heard great things about Siteground, WPEngine, and Dreamhost.


Ultimately, I decided on Dreamhost. My current plan costs me $21.95 per month, but there are even more affordable options available ($7.95 per month!) Once I had a host for Defend The Pen, the next step was to decide on a look.


Dilemma #2 – Themes And Graphics

Instead of spending HUNDREDS of dollars on a custom website, I opted for a minimalistic theme. The theme I’m currently using is called Writer (HA!), and I found it at MyThemeShop.

I lucked into catching it on sale for just $19. The great thing about MyThemeShop is you can easily find great themes available at a discount. In fact, you can get access to all their themes and plugins for just $87! So if you’re worried about super pricey themes, I really suggest checking them out.

canva's awesomeness

Canva. May or may not come with sparkles.

As for graphics, I was referred to Canva, an easy peasy drag-and-drop graphic design site. Before Canva, I was prepared to shell out silly money to get customized website and social media graphics. After Canva, I feel like the lovechild of Leonardo Da Vinci and Picasso every single day and I still have all my money. Yay!

So I got graphics, a theme, and a host, and if you’ve got a calculator handy, you know it didn’t cost me $50 to achieve! But still, there were other things holding me back…the kind of issues you can’t make go away no matter how much money you spend or save.


Dilemma #3 – Fear

Ah, fear. Always RIGHT FREAKING THERE to stop you from getting the things you want out of life!

Fear told me that no one would like my site. Or read my articles. It paralyzed me with the scandalous falsehood (kudos if you get the reference!) that I wasn’t worthy of being a blogger. Nevermind the fact I’d written articles that generated hundreds of thousands of views and thousands of comments within a couple of days on other sites.

I let myself believe that it wasn’t anything did that resulted in those numbers. I imagined I was a fraud and that creating a blog would ultimately prove I was really a hack.

But what outweighed my fears and drove me to make Defend The Pen a reality was my desire to reach out to and help other writers. Especially people feeling all those negative thoughts I struggled with. I wanted to provide a safe space for those coping with frustrations, self-doubt, and writer’s block.

It was no longer about me and feeling sorry for myself. Instead, it was about encouraging others. Thanks to this important shift in thinking, I’m now busily at work on:

  • an eBook to help aspiring freelance writers
  • a list of positive affirmations for writers
  • a review of the best places online to locate freelance writing jobs
  • free resume and cover letter templates

There are so many awesome things I look forward to providing through Defend The Pen. It just took moving from a “poor me” mindset to a “help you” mindset to make it happen — and I’m glad it did!

*happy dance*

Dilemma #4 – Time Management

I’m currently lucky enough to have a lull going with my freelance writing, allowing me enough time to focus a great deal of time on my blog. However, I already know that this is temporary. I’m about to be VERY busy; when that happens…I definitely won’t have the same amount of time available to writing new blogs and actively promoting Defend The Pen.

Then what?

I’ve already decided that I intend to devote 6-10 hours total every week for blog writing and promotion. This is a new site, so I’m not trying to do too much right away. A couple of blog posts per week is manageable. Once I get a full workload, I’ll see if I can make adjustments.

The LAST thing I want to do is overwork myself and burn out!


I hope by now that the point of this post was apparent…and that nobody is sitting there thinking I REALLY meant that you should never ever start a blog. (Seriously, I just walked you through all those awesome tools for starting a blog! If you haven’t already, you should start awesoming! Get to awesoming right NOW!)

What I wanted to convey is that the things that hold us back from achieving what we want and then keeps us pinned down by a sense of regret over the past are often cut from the same cloth. These negative feelings serve no real purpose, so we MUST  let them go.

Stop waiting for a “perfect time” to make something happen; go make something happen! And don’t regret failing to make something happen at a so-called “perfect time.” There’s really no such thing!

Ever get hit with the “shoulda coulda woulda” blues? If so, what do you say to yourself to make it stop? Also, what do you say to someone who’s waiting around for the “perfect time” to achieve their goals?

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18 Comments on "The “Perfect” Time To Start A Blog…How About Never?"

  1. I love this! Thanks for the trick. I keep kicking myself wondering why I didn’t start my blog years ago. I also had the same doubts as to why I “couldn’t” start my blog.

    • Hi, Ashley!

      Yeah, the “shoulda coulda woulda” blues are a mess. As I said, we really can’t prove that we didn’t start our blogs at the right time for us. So why not think of it as a project that started at exactly the right time?

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Kavita Singh | May 20, 2017 at 3:15 pm | Reply

    Oh wow! Can relate to it so much. I was in the same zone a few months back, however, decided to give it a try and thank god I did. I am a newbie in this blogging world but it makes me really happy to pen down my thoughts 😀 Your post gave a boost to my confidence too… Thank you! 😀

    • Glad to help, Kavita! 🙂

      Noob to noob, I can agree that making the plunge was intimidating. But isn’t it AWESOME to be able to share your thoughts with the entire world anytime you want?

      Thanks so much for commenting, and best wishes for your blog!

  3. Bahaha! Okay, best TITLE ever and some amazing points here.

    This ain’t for the faint of heart that’s for sure!

    Thanks for the laughs,

    Nadalie, It’s All You Boo
    NEW POST: How Do I Slay My Goals?

  4. There is never a perfect time. The important thing is to just start somewhere! Next is to find a balance, that for me is the real challenge 🙂

    • I hear you, Julie!

      I’m determined to stick to the 6-10 hours per week plan, especially since promoting this blog is a doozy all by itself! I think the best bet for finding balance is being honest with yourself about priorities and what you can realistically achieve in a certain window of time.

      Thanks for commenting!

  5. Great post. You are so right about the mental roadblocks we put in our way that stops us from accomplishing our goals. I love this post!

    • Thanks, Sam! A phrase I hear and use is “Getting out of your own way.” Too often the biggest obstacles to achieving our dreams are the mental roadblocks we place in the way. As long as we insist on standing in our own way, we’ll never accomplish anything.

  6. I agree, there’s no time like the present for anything! I started blogging years ago and thoroughly enjoy it. I believe there are only a handful of bloggers that are making big bucks from their blogs. For the rest of us it’s a passion, not a full time employment. I create products from time to time which bring in a heap of cash at that time, but they are not connected to my blog so I can’t claim I make money from blogging.

    To Your Success!

    • Kudos to you Mandy for doing what you love — AND for being honest about your source of income. I’m getting REALLY tired of seeing “My blog made $954354353 last month!” posts, only to see that the lion share of the income actually came from something other than the blog. I remember way back when nobody really expected to make money off their websites (I was a teenage girl with a Geocities fansite dedicated to Legolas. I own that…). It was just a way of sharing content you loved. Nowadays, too much of it is profit before passion. That will definitely lead to burnout and disillusionment.

      Here’s to doing what you love, regardless of whether or not it makes money! I do want this blog to be a viable source of income, but if it helps people, then that will be my ultimate source of success. 😀 Thanks for visiting!

  7. Great read. I’m new to blogging and have the same thoughts. I’m enjoying it though and sometimes a good learning curve 😆

  8. This was a fun read.. we too started pretty recently.. completely relate to this post. Thanks for sharing this.

  9. Yes blogging is tough, a full-time job and technical at times. No one’s ever ready lol

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