How I Earned Roughly 1.6K Pinterest Views In 5 Days

How Did I Get 1.6K Pinterest Views In 5 Days

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Confession: Although the Defend The Pen account is only recently active, I’ve been happily pinning cute clothes, delicious recipes, and interior decorating ideas for some time.

Prior to launching Defend The PenI read articles by established bloggers like Amy Howard on how Pinterest can be a great tool for attracting visitors to your blog. I set up a Pinterest account for Defend The Pen…and then did nothing with it for months.

*endures a chorus of boos*

I just couldn’t wrap my mind around Pinterest being more useful for attracting attention to my blog than a Twitter or Facebook account. Would people really care about what I had to share? How long would I have to wait to get attention from Pinterest members?

The answer? Not long at all.

Get More Pinterest Views


With hopes of having Defend The Pen ready to launch by early May, I decided to step up my visibility across social media. This meant tweeting more, having Facebook posts, and creating Pinterest boards. I haven’t even started actively promoting this site yet, which is what I’m about to share is AMAZING.

Just days after setting up my Pinterest Analytics, I noted that the “Monthly Views” were available. And this is what I saw:

The “monthly views” counted for just 5 days worth of views…

I was stunned. I knew for a fact that I’d done nothing with the account until about FIVE DAYS from the end of April. Yet after meticulously setting up my account and pinning away for a few short days, I’d managed to see my view count skyrocket within a very short amount of time.


This result was amazing to me because I wasn’t expecting anything. No views, no engagement, not a single thing!


  • I’ve done nothing at this point to actively start promoting my site across social media.
  • I’ve not optimized any of the things I’ve pinned (yet).
  • I’m still relatively new to using Pinterest strictly for blogging purposes.

With this in mind, this outcome is EXTREMELY encouraging. It makes me believe that when I do step up my game (which I will shortly, I promise), my results will only improve.

Now to answer the topic of this post: Exactly HOW did this happen?


As I said, I have to make a few adjustments to get the most out of Pinterest, but here’s what I’ve done so far.


I Selected A Niche That Works For Me

As a freelance writer and aspiring blogger, I know that the people I will be interacting with the most will be:

  • Freelance Writers
  • Bloggers

So when setting up my Pinterest boards, I decided to create boards that would best suit the needs of people belonging to these two groups. You could say my niche is “Helping Writers and Bloggers Like Myself.” Because I knew exactly who I need to reach with my pins, that kept me from creating more generalized boards. Instead, everything I have is clearly aimed at anyone who writes or blogs.


I Am Here To Help

The primary focus of my blog is helping writers, and the same is true of my Pinterest account. I want to help others, and the best way to do that is to provide useful information. That’s why I created boards like:

The more helpful you are, the more reason people will have to check out your pins. That makes a bump in Pinterest views almost inevitable.


I Paid Careful Attention To The Look Of My Pinterest Page


You’ll notice that not only did I use a cover image for ALL of my boards, but I made sure the cover image BEST SUMMED UP THE POINT OF THE BOARD. The title and image work together to help visitors know

  • What the board is about
  • If it will have the sort of information they’re looking for


A Surprising Bonus Lesson About Pinterest

One final takeaway is that I invested FAR LESS energy in Pinterest than any other social media site. And, again, I haven’t actively started promoting the website yet. And yet, of ALL the social media sites I’ve created accounts on, Pinterest is the account that has garnered THE MOST attention.

Thanks to an unintended experiment lasting just a few short days, I learned that Pinterest may very well be the best possible site for gaining blog attention.

How Did I Get 1.6K Pinterest Views In 5 Days

Now for the record, I didn’t share this in an effort to claim what a blogging genius I am. Instead, I wanted to show something surprising that I learned in the hopes it might help someone else. If YOU happen to be a “blogging genius” or someone a bit more experienced at blogging than myself, I’m certainly open to feedback.

And I’d also love your answer to this question:

How do YOU get the most out of Pinterest?

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