How I Earned 4.2K Pinterest Views Overnight — And You Can, Too!

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It’s hard to believe, but I’m already prepared to update the progress on my Pinterest views! I’m pleased to share that I’ve seen quite a bit of growth within 24 Hours. Believe it or not, I saw my monthly view average jump from 2.2K to 6.2K overnight! I’m really excited because this helps me know that I’m headed in the right direction with my account.

Incredibly, I’ve only been actively using Pinterest for about two weeks!

I’m still working on growing my list of followers, collaborators, and improving how many people from Pinterest visit my site. Even so, I REALLY wanted to share something important. My page view jump wasn’t accidental. I can 100 percent confirm it was the direct result of a few actionable steps. More importantly, these are steps anyone can take to improve their page views!


How A Few Simple Changes Had An IMMEDIATE Impact

While checking out my analytics, I was sure to focus on my demographics (who’s visiting my Pinterest page), and what their interests are.

Here’s what I learned:

my pinterest audience

As you can see, half of these interests have NOTHING to do with my niche. My site is focused on writers, freelance writers especially, and bloggers. Still, I knew that it would be to my advantage to create NEW Pinterest boards that bridged the gap between my niche and these topics.

And that’s EXACTLY what I did!

I’m starting to really get into cooking, and I’m always on the lookout or recipes. At the same time, I’m really keen on recipes inspired by fictional stories in books, movies, and TV. That led me to create a recipe board for that particular topic. Additionally, I created boards for character and image prompts that would visually inspire writers through breath-taking illustrations. I also added a board for printable stationary.

These boards are only a couple of days old, yet their impact was quickly felt:



Within a day of adding pins to these boards, my “top pin impressions” changed:


Thanks to not merely focusing on the interests specific to my niche, I’m now confident that I can draw Pinterest views from a variety of niches. Yes, even those that have NOTHING to do with writers or bloggers!

How can this work for YOU?

I imagine you’re thinking, “Great for you, but how can this work for me? My niche is ______.” Well, it’s not about what your niche is. It’s actually about creating a bridge to other niches! You can link your niche to something that will bring you more views.

Let’s use what I did as an example:

Writers = Recipes

Writers = Literature = Recipes

Writers = Literature = Recipes Inspired By Literature, Movies, TV, And More = Recipes

The bolded link is the bridge between my specific niche and unrelated interests. Let’s say your niche is photography, but you notice that your visitors are very interested in DIY pins.

Photography = DIY

Photography = Arts & Crafts = DIY

Photography = Arts & Crafts = Beautiful DIY Picture Frames = DIY

See? You now have a perfectly on-topic board that links photography with DIY projects. We can easily do the same with Blogging:

  • Resources For Vegan Bloggers
  • Resources For Freelance Bloggers
  • Affiliate Marketing For Bloggers

Even if your Pinterest account focuses on blogging in general, you can still create boards linked to veganism, freelance work, and affiliate marketing. These are niches that aren’t remotely related! Yet a few tweaks and they fit right in with the rest of your blogging-specific boards.

Now I offer you a challenge:

Share your niche, come up with a completely related niche, and then create a Pinterest board linking the two. When you’re done, post a link to the brand new board in the comment section!

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